Jack O. Daniel delivers yet another book that has explosive action, nail-biting suspense and sizzling romance.Scorched is a guaranteed roller coaster ride.

June Callaghan and John Paul AKA Pope are colleagues and lovers. They are in Paris for a honeymoon-before-the-wedding kind of vacation. Alas, their romantic getaway is rudely interrupted when the hotel they are staying in is attacked by terrorists. The guests are taken hostage.

Jonathan Lambert, the son of the American Vice-President is staying in the same hotel. One of his Secret Service Agent is killed during the siege, leaving him with just one protector. Her name is Katrina Sanchez and she would do everything to keep him safe.

Would they be able to escape unscathed? What about the other hostages? Could they be rescued in time? The American President has an ace up his sleeve. A warrior called Archangel. Who is he and what could he do?


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