Last Pursuit

Jack O. Daniel succeeds where many have failed. He has written a character who could only be defined as a thinking woman’s hero.Last Pursuit begins where One Night Stand: Could this be the beginning of forever? ends. Book Two of the Colour Series is outstanding it its realistic portrayal of a desperate man.

Blue’s daughter was kidnapped by a master manipulator, an American heir to a real estate fortune named Carl Kruger-Daniel. However, this self-entitled and overly indulged sociopath will meet his match when Blue refused to play by his script.

Caught in Carl’s tangled web was Blue’s former lover and the mother of his child. Disgusted at her involvement, he made the assumption that she was in it with Carl. Was she? Or, was she an unwitting accomplice?

The unfolding saga would bring to the fore an amazing cast of supporting characters, one of whom was an unlikely heroine.

Last Pursuit is more than an action-packed, high-intensity story. It is also a masterful suspense with a romantic twist.

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