About Jack

I’m an observer of people and a story-teller.

I sit and watch; and, I listen. Listening not just to what’s being said, but more importantly, to what’s not being said. But life shouldn’t just pass us by as we watch idly, so in every respect I’m also a participant. I have interacted with the characters who have graced the pages of my books, although they were simply an amalgam of the various people I’ve come across.

That could be me silently watching you from across a crowded café as you sit drinking your coffee. Observing as you sniffed the aroma of the Arabica beans grounded and blended just for you by the barista behind the counter. You closed your eyes and you drank it, fully appreciating the tinge of bitterness in your coffee. You smiled, pleased that it was made just right.

People make up the tapestry of life. So, you are my source of inspiration.

I love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use my Contact Us page to tell what I am doing right or what I can improve on.